The Contribution – Passengers Of Darkness



Third Release:

To benefit HeadCount

While Passengers of Darkness does explore trauma suffered in a relationship, with two people confronting challenges to their love and trust, it could also be a metaphor for the trauma some people are feeling over our recent presidential election. The lack of transparency and trust in an election, as well as a relationship, can be destructive and almost always leads to chaos.

Recorded at Silo Sound Studio – Denver, CO
Engineered by Todd Dival


Jeff Miller – acoustic guitar and lead vocals
Phil Ferlino – accordion, glockenspiel and background vocals
Sheryl Renee – solo vocal and background vocals
Tim Carbone – violin and background vocals
Keith Moseley – bass
Matt Butler – drums
The band – claps

About HeadCount:

HeadCount is a non-partisan, non-profit, organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. It is best known for registering voters at concerts – having signed up 450,000 voters since its launch in 2004 – and for the Participation Row social action villages at concerts and festivals which have raised over $1 million for various non-profit organizations.

“The Contribution is a brilliant concept and we were honored when Tim asked HeadCount to participate. Seeing Tim and The Contribution elevate and amplify the voices of so many incredible organizations is a real example of how music can change the world.” –Andy Bernstein, Executive Director, HeadCount

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