The Contribution – Back This Way



Wilderness & Space – Back This Way

Single #1
To benefit the Rex Foundation

Back This Way is a duet sung as a conversation between a man and a woman whose relationship is suffering because the man is always away from home. He could be a musician or a traveling salesman (kind of the same thing) or in the military. It’s an argument that somehow, through love, turns out well.

Recorded at TRI Studios – San Rafael, CA
Engineered by Rick Vargas

Tim Carbone – lead vocals and percussion
Jeff Miller – electric guitars, background vocals
Phil Ferlino – piano, Hammond organ and background vocals
Sheryl Renee – lead vocals
Keith Moseley – bass
Matt Butler – drums

“For more than 30 years, the Rex Foundation has funded organizations most people might never have heard of, but all of whom do meaningful work that we find important. I believe that these same groups need all of us now more than ever, and I doubt there could be any better way to celebrate their work than by coming together with songs in the air and spirits held high,” says Rex Foundation Executive Director Cameron Sears.

Carbone says, “We feel blessed to be able to make this music and have it help people in need… and we would like to empower those who share our passion and provide a resource for them to take action with us.”

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