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Wilderness And Space

The Contribution To Release New Music Throughout The Year

Tim Carbone, Phil Ferlino, Jeff Miller, Keith Moseley, Sheryl Renee, Matt Butler, & Duane Trucks, Join Musical Forces To Release Their 2nd Album, Wilderness And Space, on LoHi Records

When Relix magazine announced The Contribution’s debut record, Which Way World [2010], and called them a “jamband supergroup,” they also recognized, “the band serves the songs first and foremost.” Although the band is comprised of some of the scene’s heavy hitters, the first listen to their music reveals their love of 60s pop and soul coupled with their ability to flat-out shred. It’s is what makes the band appealing to music lovers from all walks of life and they are pleased to release tracks from their upcoming LoHi Records album, Wilderness and Space, one song at a time over the course of seven months, with full proceeds of each single going to a different non-profit with each track.

The Contribution is the brainchild of Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth (violin, guitar, vocals) together with Phil Ferlino (keyboards, vocals) and Jeff Miller (guitar, vocals) of New Monsoon. Keith Moseley (String Cheese Incident), has been the bass player from the band’s inception along with vocalist Sheryl Renee (The Black Swan Singers). The drum chair has been occupied by Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident), Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra), and currently Duane Trucks (Widespread Panic). Both Matt Butler and Duane Trucks appear on the band’s new record, Wilderness and Space.

The first song will be released on February 17, 2017 and all proceeds will be donated to Rex Foundation. Consecutive songs will come out each month, each paired with its own art and a different non-profit partner. Others taking part include Conscious AllianceHeadCount, and a handful of other organizations that support the arts, environment, and health. The full ten song album will be released on vinyl this Fall.

Releasing records and touring is a cycle that is connected and a part of each member’s individual careers. Initially conceived as a studio project that would play select live shows, the emphasis for The Contribution was always on writing and recording. Rather than releasing a full record with expectations of touring to support it, Carbone wanted to find a way to live up to the band’s name, which in itself provided the clue as to how, and this what they cooked up as a way to keep it going and give back in the process.

How could the creation of music be leveraged best for the betterment of the world at large? A lofty goal. The band has never been about personal profit and individually the members have been advocates and activists for various environmental and social causes. Now they have thought of a way to meld the two worlds the band holds dear. They are The Contribution, after all.

Carbone says, “We feel blessed to be able to make this music and have it help people in need… and we would like to empower those who share our passion and provide a resource for them to take action with us.”

Wilderness and Space will be released on LoHi Records, of which Carbone is one of the partners along with singer/songwriter and record producer Todd Snider, Hard Working Americans’ Chad Staehly, who is also with Gold Mountain Entertainment in Nashville, and entrepreneur and marketing veteran Jim Brooks. All songs written and produced by Tim Carbone, Phil Ferlino and Jeff Miller. The full ten-song album will come out on vinyl in the Fall of 2017.

The Songs

7 Monthly releases to benefit individual non-profits

First Release:

To benefit the Rex Foundation

Back This Way is a duet sung as a conversation between a man and a woman whose relationship is suffering because the man is always away from home. He could be a musician or a traveling salesman (kind of the same thing) or in the military. It’s an argument that somehow, through love, turns out well.

Recorded at TRI Studios – San Rafael, CA
Engineered by Rick Vargas

Tim Carbone – lead vocals and percussion
Jeff Miller – electric guitars, background vocals
Phil Ferlino – piano, Hammond organ and background vocals
Sheryl Renee – lead vocals
Keith Moseley – bass
Matt Butler – drums

About The Rex Foundation:

“For more than 30 years, the Rex Foundation has funded organizations most people might never have heard of, but all of whom do meaningful work that we find important. I believe that these same groups need all of us now more than ever, and I doubt there could be any better way to celebrate their work than by coming together with songs in the air and spirits held high,” says Rex Foundation Executive Director Cameron Sears.

Carbone says, “We feel blessed to be able to make this music and have it help people in need… and we would like to empower those who share our passion and provide a resource for them to take action with us.” For more information visit

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Second Release:

To benefit Conscious Alliance

The Great Boot is a song about remembering to take the time to love and appreciate those that love you. Scars to your soul can be the hardest to see and overcome.

Recorded at Silo Sound Studio – Denver, CO
Engineered by Todd Dival
Additional recording by Tim Carbone at Black Lotus Studios, Delaware Water Gap, PA

Tim Carbone – violin, strings and lead vocals
Jeff Miller – acoustic and electric guitars
Phil Ferlino – Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ and synthesizers
Sheryl Renee – harmony and solo vocals
Keith Moseley – bass
Matt Butler – drums

About Conscious Alliance:

Conscious Alliance, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,  supports communities in crisis.  Based in Boulder, Colo., Conscious Alliance operates through a three-tier approach: emergency food relief to communities across the United States; empowerment programs for youth in impoverished regions of the country; and nutrition, exercise and gardening education for youth in economically isolated Native American reservations. Conscious Alliance operates ongoing grassroots food collection and hunger awareness programs by organizing food drives at concerts and music events. The donations collected benefit local food pantries nationwide and economically isolated Native American reservations. Conscious Alliance works with myriad companies and organizations to further its mission of providing life changing and life enhancing programs to the communities they serve. For more information visit

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Third Release:

To benefit HeadCount

While Passengers of Darkness does explore trauma suffered in a relationship, with two people confronting challenges to their love and trust, it could also be a metaphor for the trauma some people are feeling over our recent presidential election. The lack of transparency and trust in an election, as well as a relationship, can be destructive and almost always leads to chaos.

Recorded at Silo Sound Studio – Denver, CO
Engineered by Todd Dival


Jeff Miller – acoustic guitar and lead vocals
Phil Ferlino – accordion, glockenspiel and background vocals
Sheryl Renee – solo vocal and background vocals
Tim Carbone – violin and background vocals
Keith Moseley – bass
Matt Butler – drums
The band – claps

About HeadCount:

HeadCount is a non-partisan, non-profit, organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. It is best known for registering voters at concerts – having signed up 450,000 voters since its launch in 2004 – and for the Participation Row social action villages at concerts and festivals which have raised over $1 million for various non-profit organizations.

“The Contribution is a brilliant concept and we were honored when Tim asked HeadCount to participate. Seeing Tim and The Contribution elevate and amplify the voices of so many incredible organizations is a real example of how music can change the world.” –Andy Bernstein, Executive Director, HeadCount

For more information visit

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Fourth Release:

To benefit Rock The Earth

It Ain’t No Sin
This song is about addiction, shame and the inability to own your mistakes.


Tim Carbone – electric guitar and lead vocals
Jeff Miller – electric guitars, slide guitar and background vocals
Phil Ferlino – piano and background vocals
Sheryl Renee – background vocals
Keith Moseley – bass
Matt Butler – drums

Recorded at Silo Sound Studio – Denver, CO
Engineered by Todd Dival
Additional recording by Rick Vargas at TRI Studios – San Rafael, CA

About Rock The Earth:

Rock the Earth is a national environmental advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and defending natural resources through partnerships with the music industry. Rock the Earth is an advocate for individuals and communities whose environment or natural surroundings have been adversely affected by others.

For more information visit

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Fifth Release:

Dream Out In The Rain
This song is about having the courage to dream and believing in yourself.


Tim Carbone – lead and harmony vocals
Sheryl Renee – lead and harmony vocals
Jeff Miller – electric guitars
Phil Ferlino –  piano and Hammond organ
Keith Moseley – bass
Matt Butler – drums
Jay Rattman – saxophones and horn arrangement
Rick Chamberlain – trombone
Sean McAnally – trumpet

Recorded at Silo Sound Studio – Denver, CO
Engineered by Todd Divel
Additional recording by Don Sternaker at Mix-o-Lydian Studios, Delaware Water Gap, PA

About The Delaware Riverkeeper Network:

Over 17 Million people rely on the Delaware for drinking water including in New York, Philadelphia and South Jersey.

The Delaware River, its tributaries and watershed, are under a number of assaults. Individually each does damage, but cumulatively these impacts may be irreparable. Development projects that contribute to sprawl, the aggressive extraction of resources, floodplain, habitat and wetlands destruction, new and increased pollution discharges, proposals for development projects, over-harvesting of species, blasting, dredging, damming, dumping, catastrophic events and spills all combine to harm our watershed and the communities (both human and non human) that rely upon it.

Established in 1988, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network is a nonprofit membership organization whose staff and volunteers work throughout the entire Delaware River Watershed area with the ultimate goal to protect and restore the Watershed for the benefit of all.  They also work throughout the four states that comprise the Watershed including: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York. At the federal level, they work on the issues, actions, regulations, legislation, policies, programs and decisions that impact the health of the Watershed.

For more information visit

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